Hibe® is a soft, full-length body wrap that combines coziness with freedom of movement.

The Hibe converts to a blanket with a quick unfasten of the side zipper and Velcro® shoulders. 

   Our Story
Living in chilly New England, my kids watched TV and played video games wrapped in blankets, which made it cumbersome for them to really play.  And as adults, in the evenings in our home with temperature-controlled timers, we found ourselves wrapped in blankets and bulky sweaters while reading, working on the computer, and doing household jobs.  

Moving from room to room or climbing stairs often involved dragging around blankets and tripping over them.  It sparked an idea.  There had to be a better way to stay warm and move around safely and comfortably! 

Working with a New York City women's wear designer, we developed our Hibe garment + blanket. Our unique design was awarded a U.S. Patent in 2012. Because the shoulders can be unfastened easily, we have customers telling us that the Hibe also makes a great gift for new moms, seniors who are often cold, and those undergoing medical treatment.

We originally designed our garment to stay warm and cozy at home and still be able to move around easily and safely.  With our warm, plush body wrap, you can comfortably turn your thermostat down a few degrees to conserve energy and control heating costs.  And who doesn’t mind saving some money while still being comfortable & warm? 

Our mission at Hibe is to deliver a superior level of coziness and a Hug of Warmth™

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